Diamond solitaire earrings would have to be one of the most popularly owned jewelry staples today. They are simple and yet elegant at the same time. They can be dressed up or dressed down easily making them the perfect piece either for a glam, professional or casual look. However, some people still commit a number of fashion blunders with this type of jewelry. To keep you informed, Diamonddealsonline.co.uk got a list of do’s and don’ts when wearing diamond solitaire earrings. Read up and and take heed.

diamond solitaire earringsDo wear only clean jewelry. – Okay maybe the smallest bit of dust and germs cannot do your health harm if you think this is for sanitation purposes. But really, apart from that clean jewelry makes your diamond sparkle best. All those dirt accumulated can dull out the shine. So do some regular home cleaning or better yet take it to a professional jewelry cleaner. The key word is “regularly” and not every after use.

Don’t sport them with the wrong neckline. – Different designs of earrings fit different clothes best depending on the type of neckline that it has. Those that have scooped up or high necklines look best with studs or anything that is less than an inch in length. Dramatic chandeliers and other fancier types suit those boat necks and similar low necklines.

Do make sure to secure your locks. – Likewise your hairdo matters to. But first you have to decide whether you want your diamond solitaire earrings to be the star or a delicate detail. If you want the former then it is best to keep your hair up or in a similar style that exposes your ears. The latter is best for the opposite.

Don’t wear them with incompatible jewelry pieces. – It’s okay to match, pair and play with your jewelry pieces but know what works and what doesn’t. There are other pairings that will look tacky such as when you mix up way too many kinds of gemstone jewelries especially if their colors do not complement each other and the metal colors are too contrasting.

Do make sure to check your makeup. – Lastly when wearing your diamond solitaire earrings, do be sure to check upon your makeup. You want it to complement and not contrast. If you are at a loss about this then try skimming through magazines or reading through fashion blogs for some inspiration.

When you take care of something the right way then it is bound to last. The same holds true for platinum diamond wedding rings. Jewelry alone is precious. How much more would it be if it holds a very huge sentimental value such as the promise of love, unity and marriage? With proper care and maintenance comes correct storage. Let us teach you how.

STORAGE TIP 1: The magic combination is hard case and soft lining. – You want to get a jewelry box or holder that is sturdy on the outside but gentle on the inside. The purpose is pretty obvious. You need a case that is strong enough that it won’t easily break in case of accidents. At the same time you want a soft lining so that it doesn’t graze or scratch your jewelry.platinum-diamond-wedding-rings

STORAGE TIP 2: Chamois bags or Ziploc bags are your best friends. – Because jewelry pieces, both metals and gems, tend to scratch each other when placed altogether, you need to keep them separated. This makes containers that come with divisions a good investment. However if such is not available, singular chamois bags or small Ziploc bags can do the trick. Once separated in each personal bag, they can then be put into one container.

STORAGE TIP 3: Place them somewhere away from direct heat. – Diamonds and platinum may be two hard minerals but they too are susceptible to damage. Heat is an element that is highly discouraged so place your jewelry holders in an area where no direct heat strikes it.

STORAGE TIP 4: Keep them tucked away from children and pets. – If there are kids or pets nearby make sure that they are kept at bay. Store them in an area that is out of reach for kids and pets because their curiosity and naughtiness can cost you your precious platinum diamond wedding rings! You don’t want that, do you?

STORAGE TIP 5: Taking them off means slipping them into your box. – You know that there are activities that call for the removal of your rings like household chores, sports and strenuous activities, taking a bath or shower, etc. to help prevent not only wear and tear but accidental blows and exposure to harsh chemicals and temperatures. But when you do take your platinum diamond wedding rings off, be sure that you slip them into your container and not simply place them atop a counter, the table or your cabinet. We can indeed get lazy at times and that poses risks of damage or worse loss.