Blue topaz rings are undoubtedly beautiful and regal. Topaz as a gemstone is on its own a wonder to behold with its radiant hue that resembles the sea and the sky. Do you want to know more about it? How about some fascinating facts and trivia as well as the meaning behind this precious stone? If you’re interested then keep scrolling and read on as we’ve got a long list to tickle your curiosity.

  • blue topazThere are actually three main shades or saturation for the said gemstone. We have the sky blue which is gentle and the lightest of the three while London blue is characterized by a darker and deeper shade. Swiss blue hits right in the middle and is often described as bright and vivid.
  • It is the birthstone for the month of December which is perfectly fitting given the often icy and chilly weather that the winter season brings during this time of the year.
  • It symbolizes calmness, peace and serenity thus it has been related to relaxation and meditation. Furthermore, it is also believed to help calm anxiety, heal hurt feelings and calm raging emotions.
  • In connection to the previous item, the same reason is used as to why earlier civilizations believed that wearing a blue topaz ring can help ward off nightmares and help aid better sleep and rest.
  • As far as healing powers are concerned, ancient tribes used it to help relieve burns and help cool down hot or boiling water. Even up until today, a lot of people still believe in its medicinal prowess which includes the healing of digestive related problems like a bad stomach, a sore throat and a loss of one’s sense of taste.
  • In matters of the heart and relationships, this gemstone is associated with loyalty and eternal love. It is known to evoke and encourage honesty and appreciation not between couple, married or not. The same holds true among friends which is why many friendship rings are adorned with a blue topaz.
  • It is dubbed as the knowledge and communication stone as it is believed to aid in healthy brain functions, focus, analysis, creativity and even in communication. As a matter of fact, the wearing of blue topaz rings is highly advised when one has to do some sort of public speaking or presentation. Donning one helps make the bearer a better and more effective communicator.

jewellery storageMen and women alike have accessories and jewelleries ranging from rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and the list goes on. At the same time, most of us own quite a number if not a ton of these. Keeping them kept and stored properly is not only important for organization purposes but also for reasons of sanitation and maintenance. When not handled correctly, your precious jewellery can suffer damages from simple scratches to major dents, deformations and discolorations. Don’t worry because you do not necessarily have to break the bank to do this. Take a look at the following budget friendly jewellery storage ideas from and see what suits you.

The Tried and Tested Jewellery Box – Of course, this makes it on top of our list because it’s basically a no brainer. Most people will have one for themselves to store all their accessories; however, not all of these suit all accessories. Having gemstones actually makes things trickier as they tend to scratch each other. You need to keep them separated so dividers are your best friend. You can also make use of small chamois bags before putting them into the box.

The Accessory Plates – You can buy one from your local department store or even make fun decorative ones on your own using cheap plates and spray paint. These are best for those pieces that you are likely to wear again and again on a daily basis or as something where you could put all the pieces that you will wear for a certain day and occasion. This way you won’t have to rummage through your loot to fin the jewellery you need.

The Stacked Accessory Plates – The above refer to flat one piece jewellery plates but this one is a tiered version and comes in multilevel meaning that there’s more space to work with. These are often shaped like a fountain to house and hold all your pieces in place.

The Hooked Hanger – This is a do it yourself project which is super easy to do and very cheap too! All you will need are a wooden clothes hanger and some screw hooks. Simply twist the hooks on the bottom part of the hanger. This will be a great way to store and organize necklaces so that they do not end up tangled together. You can also put it inside your closet for safekeeping and to keep them from being an eye sore.

So which jewellery storage ideas from are you most likely to use?

When purchasing platinum diamond solitaire rings, it is crucial that one ensures the quality and value of the items purchased. These pieces do not in any way come cheap even if others are deemed affordable. More so, those with heftier price tags only necessitate that the buyer be even keener when purchasing them. Additionally, they are more than just a regal piece of jewelry. Many of them hold certain personal values and significance. Even so they are more popularly purchased as presents than personal possessions. With that being said one should keep in mind the characteristics to look out for in quality platinum diamond solitaire rings.

1.    METAL DURABILITY – Platinum is in itself a very durable metal. Any scratches brought about by accidents and mishandling causes no metal loss and can easily be fixed by an expert jeweler or craftsman. With this regard it is important to ask how pure your jewelry is and if other metals have been mixed, what they are and what hey denote regarding durability.

2.    POLISHED DESIGN – Metal being malleable, they are crafted into various shapes and forms. Others have several stones set on them or with a single spectacle as is the case with solitaire rings. One should be keen on the finish of the item. Are there any irregularities? How about consistency in width and size? Are the cuts clean with no rugged edges?

3.    CLEAN CUT AND FINISH – When it comes to the diamond, the round brilliant cut is by far the most popular but other fancier variants are also available such as the heart, pear, pillow and princess. The better the cut, the better the light refraction and fire of the stone.

4.    HIGH CLARITY GRADE – Diamonds too have imperfections called intrusions and blemishes. Not even these beauties are perfect to the core. The rarer ones are those that have very minimal to highly indistinguishable imperfections which are not seen by the naked eye alone. These are those that have the highest quality grade.

5.   Diamond-carats CARAT OR WEIGHT – Of course, the bigger the solitary diamond, the heavier it is. In terms of jewelry we refer to this as the carat weight.

6.    DIAMOND COLOR – Platinum diamond solitaire rings may also have a pop of color in them. Although diamonds are more well known as being crystal clear, there are rare variants that come in hues of pink, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, brown and black.

Diamond solitaire earrings would have to be one of the most popularly owned jewelry staples today. They are simple and yet elegant at the same time. They can be dressed up or dressed down easily making them the perfect piece either for a glam, professional or casual look. However, some people still commit a number of fashion blunders with this type of jewelry. To keep you informed, got a list of do’s and don’ts when wearing diamond solitaire earrings. Read up and and take heed.

diamond solitaire earringsDo wear only clean jewelry. – Okay maybe the smallest bit of dust and germs cannot do your health harm if you think this is for sanitation purposes. But really, apart from that clean jewelry makes your diamond sparkle best. All those dirt accumulated can dull out the shine. So do some regular home cleaning or better yet take it to a professional jewelry cleaner. The key word is “regularly” and not every after use.

Don’t sport them with the wrong neckline. – Different designs of earrings fit different clothes best depending on the type of neckline that it has. Those that have scooped up or high necklines look best with studs or anything that is less than an inch in length. Dramatic chandeliers and other fancier types suit those boat necks and similar low necklines.

Do make sure to secure your locks. – Likewise your hairdo matters to. But first you have to decide whether you want your diamond solitaire earrings to be the star or a delicate detail. If you want the former then it is best to keep your hair up or in a similar style that exposes your ears. The latter is best for the opposite.

Don’t wear them with incompatible jewelry pieces. – It’s okay to match, pair and play with your jewelry pieces but know what works and what doesn’t. There are other pairings that will look tacky such as when you mix up way too many kinds of gemstone jewelries especially if their colors do not complement each other and the metal colors are too contrasting.

Do make sure to check your makeup. – Lastly when wearing your diamond solitaire earrings, do be sure to check upon your makeup. You want it to complement and not contrast. If you are at a loss about this then try skimming through magazines or reading through fashion blogs for some inspiration.

When you take care of something the right way then it is bound to last. The same holds true for platinum diamond wedding rings. Jewelry alone is precious. How much more would it be if it holds a very huge sentimental value such as the promise of love, unity and marriage? With proper care and maintenance comes correct storage. Let us teach you how.

STORAGE TIP 1: The magic combination is hard case and soft lining. – You want to get a jewelry box or holder that is sturdy on the outside but gentle on the inside. The purpose is pretty obvious. You need a case that is strong enough that it won’t easily break in case of accidents. At the same time you want a soft lining so that it doesn’t graze or scratch your jewelry.platinum-diamond-wedding-rings

STORAGE TIP 2: Chamois bags or Ziploc bags are your best friends. – Because jewelry pieces, both metals and gems, tend to scratch each other when placed altogether, you need to keep them separated. This makes containers that come with divisions a good investment. However if such is not available, singular chamois bags or small Ziploc bags can do the trick. Once separated in each personal bag, they can then be put into one container.

STORAGE TIP 3: Place them somewhere away from direct heat. – Diamonds and platinum may be two hard minerals but they too are susceptible to damage. Heat is an element that is highly discouraged so place your jewelry holders in an area where no direct heat strikes it.

STORAGE TIP 4: Keep them tucked away from children and pets. – If there are kids or pets nearby make sure that they are kept at bay. Store them in an area that is out of reach for kids and pets because their curiosity and naughtiness can cost you your precious platinum diamond wedding rings! You don’t want that, do you?

STORAGE TIP 5: Taking them off means slipping them into your box. – You know that there are activities that call for the removal of your rings like household chores, sports and strenuous activities, taking a bath or shower, etc. to help prevent not only wear and tear but accidental blows and exposure to harsh chemicals and temperatures. But when you do take your platinum diamond wedding rings off, be sure that you slip them into your container and not simply place them atop a counter, the table or your cabinet. We can indeed get lazy at times and that poses risks of damage or worse loss.